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Malta Property is dedicated to the publication of independent, unbiased, factual and accurate news reporting of matters of interest to those working in the Malta property market and beyond. We provide a forum for the public discussion and debate of topics of the day and a vehicle for service providers to reach their markets. We are pro the real estate and letting agency industries and believe that the vast majority of individuals within firms are hardworking respectable professionals. We shall support and promote their interests.

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Our Vision is to be a leading corporation in our core business by providing products and services of superior values and by sustaining consistent long-term growth in volume and profitability. We shall strive to achieve responsible commercial success by satisfying our customers’ needs, giving superior performance to our shareholders, providing rewarding careers to our people, cultivating mutually beneficial relationship with our business associates, caring for the society and the environment in which we operate...


Malta Property Special Offers

Special Offert

Malta Property understands that every euros counts for a tenant and landlord alike. This is why we continuously develop incentives designed to stretch your Euros! Please check back with us often to check out the current incentives!

Sign up today to have your property managed and we will waive the 1st month’s management fee. We are always grateful for customer referrals. Please email or call us to check out the current referral incentives.

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The information displayed on our site is public data made available by individual counties, and is not information that is removable from our database. Our mission is to empower consumers with information and tools to make smart decisions about homes, real estate and mortgages. For this reason, we do not remove public record property data from Malta Property unless it is shown to be erroneous.

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